As crappy content keeps adding to the clutter, the business blogging world will change for the better.


The good news is, while it’s becoming harder and harder to get eyeballs on your content, the future is bright for marketers committed to quality:

  • Content quality makes or breaks successful business blogs — and credible businesses. 
  • Businesses realize the need to build in-house content teams.
  • Businesses increase content variety and start publishing more op-ed-style content.
  • Marketers use their blogs for more than just attracting visitors at the top of the funnel and generating new leads.
  • Marketers reconsider the metrics their blog is measured by. 
  • Blogs get smart.
  • Marketers finally invest in their blog’s mobile experience.
  • Comments become much more useful.
  • Blogs become THE place to market your business.

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