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“There are a number of means that you can utilize AirPlay. You can stream music from iTunes on a Mac to an Apple TV, Flight terminal Express or third-party system. Or you can play music from the Music app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the very same devices. Some third-party apps likewise support streaming audio and/or video utilizing AirPlay.

Apple’s proprietary innovation can even be utilized as a way of streaming music from your Mac wirelessly to different rooms around your house. Then there’s mirroring, which allows you to send the audio and video output of an iOS gadget or Mac running Mountain Lion to an Apple TV.


AirPlay mirroring can be used for a whole array of activities, from playing Keynote presentations on a large-screen TELEVISION, to sharing creations in iMovie, as well as as a method of playing, say, a YouTube guitar tutorial or culinary videos on a tv instead of a smaller sized display.


One of our favored usages, nevertheless, is for video gaming. Developers have been quick to discover the possibilities of AirPlay mirroring in video games, most commonly permitting you to use your iPhone or iPad as a controller while displaying the game itself on TV. AirPlay is both simple to use and versatile.”

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