Three basic actions will help turn a dusty blog around for increased conversions and SEO:

  • Regaining the link benefits you once had. There are two kinds of dead links:

          — >  Links to old blog posts on your own site.
          — >  Links to old blog posts of yours from external sites.

  • Tightening the focus on conversions and keeping readers from leaving. A fully packed sidebar gives your reader a chance to be distracted and to click away from where you want them to go. Making it easy for your reader to wander away to your Twitter account makes it easy for them to not return to your blog at all. Before you make any decision on what to move or remove, you must have the numbers behind it. You need to know if you’re facing an actual problem. One way you can tell where your readers are clicking is to use Google Analytics.
  • Using readers’ natural tendencies and capitalizing on them. No matter what blogging system you use, you should have at least one image with every post. If you use WordPress, make sure you have a featured image on every blog post, and that the featured image links to the blog post’s URL. Images are important for your reader. They help by providing a visual break and making the post easier to read; they also tend to be what readers click on. Make sure your images link to something relevant, other than just a tab with the image. Everything that a reader can click should be…

          — >  Useful to your reader (don’t send them on a wild goose chase)

          — >  Directed toward a conversion



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