Zero to Hero in Cloud computing Essentials


Concepts one must learn before learning any Cloud Platform Like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud

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User Feedback On Course Awesome Content and as developer was looking for good Start to learn Cloud computing. Thanks Varinder for Sharing your knowledge! And infact NIST Story was simply Awesome. Really Enjoying Your Course! It is a really nice course. The explanation that has been provided with each module is rather clear and precise and easy to understand. Thanks to Varinder Sir for giving us an opportunity to learn a lot from this course as a beginner to Cloud Computing! Uses the NIST framework effectively. Good for beginners to intermediate. In this course you will learn about cloud computing basic and core concepts which are very essential before you learn and work on any cloud Platform. Don’t learn AWSor Azure till the point you will have solid understanding of Cloud Computing Concepts. Like for example once you will get solid understanding of Cloud or Cloud Computing concepts and start working on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud you will get real gist of features like Auto-scaling, Elastic Load Balancers, Regions and Availability Zones. Believe me that is point when actual learning will start and you can go ahead for Microsoft Azure or AWSCertifications. Course Cloud Computing with Amazon web services is divided into 5 Sections. The course starts with Why one should learn cloud computing and then how NIST(National Institute of Standards and technology) came into picture followed by 5 Essentials attributes provided by NIST. Section 2: All 5 attributes explained in detail along with demo on AWSConsole. Section 3: How much Big infrastructure is provided by Cloud ProvidersSection 4: Cloud Service ModelsSection 5: Cloud Deployment Models. More and More Cloud providers are coming into market and AWSand Azure are innovating a very rate. AWSor Amazon web services is constantly evolving their platform, in 2018 there have been over 1400+ new product releases. Therefore we have chosen AWSduring our Demos. This will be the best course to learn Cloud Computing concepts with very competitive priceWho this course is for: IT ProfessionalsSoftware developersSystem AdministratorsNetwork EngineersSecurity EngineersProduct/Project/Marketing ManagersBachelor of Science StudentsSystem Architects