Zero and One: The Fundamentals of Computer Systems


Understand various computer basic concepts like binary, ASCII, teraflop, hexadecimal, encryption, hash and more.

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You have heard about bits and binary. You may have heard it in news or movies. It is interesting to learn about how computers think, read and write data. You should take this course if you want to understand the concept of basic computer language. This course improves your computer fundamentals understanding and computer basics. In this course, we discuss computer basics, namely bits, binary and the foundation of computer language. We discuss how the binary system works. We also go through everyday examples of the binary system that you use on a daily basis. ASCII is another topic that this course covers. You will see what it is and what happens when you interact with computers. Another topic is teraflop that is regularly mentioned in the media. You will see what this means and you will learn about its development in the world. Hexadecimal is another useful topic covered in this course. It is handy in various application. You will learn it in this course as well. Encryption and hash functions are also covered with examples and daily applications. These are very important security topics in computer systems. There is a lot to learn, so, take this course and start learning.