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Upgrading the Raspberry Pi in your Kano Computer can sound a little scary, especially for folks out there who have no idea how to do so. There’s no need to worry, since it’s actually quite simple, even if you’re not sure what Raspbian or Debian even is. Products used in this guide PiShop: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B ($35) Best Buy: USB Keyboard With Integrated Touchpad ($60) Amazon: Sunfounder 7-inch Monitor ($56) Debian: Debian (Free) How to upgrade that Raspberry Pi Install Debian onto your Kano Computer if you haven’t already. Open up the APT tool in Raspbian Open the terminal from the taskbar or applications menu. Before you can fully upgrade your Raspberry Pi, update the system’s package. Do so by entering the following command: sudo apt-get update Upgrade installed packages with the following command: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Feel satisfied because the job is done! You can now rest easy knowing that everything has been upgraded.

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