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Take a look at the 12-year-olds around you, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one without a device in front of his or her face. Pokémon Go. Zombies Everywhere. Kids love these hit apps because they use augmented reality to add graphics and sounds to their real-life location, creating an immersive—and addictive—experience. Catching a Pokémon that appears to be zipping past your bus stop is just more fun than thumbing through traditional trading cards. But can teachers use this technology to engage students in the classroom, not only to entertain but personalize instruction? 

This is where Aurasma comes in. Aurasma is an online app that allows students to scan an image with their device and be redirected to a linked video, picture, or website. In my math class, I use Aurasma during review activities, where students rotate through posted equations with devices in hand. Aurasma allows me to make these sessions more engaging while also giving students individual attention. Here’s how it works:

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