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The Best And Most Durable Rugged Mobile Devices [2021]

Two colleagues at a factory

Rugged mobile devices are what you get when mobile devices cross paths with rugged technology (or tough tech). They were formerly confined primarily to fields such as police work, military, industrial settings, and other areas with jobs conducted under harsh conditions. But today rugged technology, especially rugged mobile devices, is making a big splash in […]

Rugged Technology And The Industries That Most Need It.

Man using a type of rugged technology

Rugged technology and devices include rugged computers, rugged laptops, rugged tablets, rugged smartphones, and more. They have all the functionality of consumer devices but are also designed to withstand extreme conditions. For the most part, rugged technology has been found primarily in specific applications in certain industries. With rugged devices, “exposure to extreme temperatures, shocks, […]

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