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Optra Health Announces Its ‘Automation of Knowledge’ Solution

Optra Health (US, medical devices, lab automation, life science informatics and healthcare IT) has released its ‘Automation of Knowledge’ solution, a web-based text mining and annotation tool for dealing with high volume and complexity biological information. It can assist in turning unstructured information into a database of medical knowledge by…

The Smallest-Ever Injectable Chip Hints at a Cybernetic Medicine

The world’s smallest computer chip is the size of a dust mite! Check out the future of medical tech.
Electronics are getting imperceptibly small, opening new avenues for medical technology to place advanced monitoring and treatment devices inside our bodies. And Columbia University engineers just demonstrated a new and…

“Sspeech Neuroprosthesis” Restores Language to Man with Severe Paralysis

Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis” that has enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in sentences, translating signals from his brain to the vocal tract directly into words that appear as text on a screen.
  The achievement, which was developed in collaboration…

DNA Could Store Every Movie and More in Jewelry Box-Sized Device

Data encoded on DNA could last 500 years! Check out a new DNA decoder that can read data at 330 gigabits per square centimeter  
Years ago, the world marveled as it recognized that more human information was created on the internet than had been written in thousands of years…

Russia’s Approval of a COVID-19 Vaccine is Less Than Meets the Press Release

Despite Putin’s reported endorsement, little-tested vaccine is not approved for widespread use until 2021. In a startling and confusing move, Russia claimed today it had approved the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, as the nation’s Ministry of Health issued what’s called a registration certificate for a vaccine candidate that has been tested…