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3D printing technology boosts hospital efficiency and eases pressures

Researchers investigating the benefits of 3D printing technology found it can deliver significant improvements to the running of hospitals.   The research, which compared the drawbacks and advantages of using 3D printing technology in hospitals, has been published in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management.     The...

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Scientists Develop Efficient Artificial Synaptic Network That Mimics Human Brain

Scientists have fabricated a device that can mimic human brain cognitive actions and is more efficient than conventional techniques in emulating artificial intelligence, thus enhancing the computational speed and power consumption efficiency.
Artificial intelligence is now a part of our daily lives, starting from email filters and smart replies…

Medical transcription market 2015 to grow at a CAGR of 6% by 2019 | Medgadget

Global Medical Transcription Market 2015-2019
About medical transcription
Medical transcription is the process that involves documentation of medical records from voice to text format. Physicians record patient details in audio format, and these details are sent to a transcriptionist to decode and store in digital format. Medical transcription helps make…