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Video game GPU processors to improve cancer patient treatment

Medical physicists at UT Southwestern Medical Center are finding new ways to use the speed of video game processors to promote research that is aimed at improving patient care.
In recent years, video game processors, known as graphic processing units, or GPUs, have become massively powerful as game makers support…

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Brain-Computer Interface Converts Mental Handwriting into Written Text

The combination of mental effort and state-of-the-art technology have allowed a man with spinal injury and immobilized limbs, to communicate by text at speeds rivaling those achieved by his able-bodied peers texting on a smartphone.
Call it mindwriting.
Scientists at Stanford University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Brown…

Micron provides a software view into new co-processor Score 70%

Micron provides a software view into new co-processor

Just as graphics card makers like Nvidia found a secondary market for their wares as system-fortifying co-processors, Micron is plotting to sell booster computational elements based on its memory technologies.

Time compression: Virtual reality warps your sense of time

Psychology researchers at UC Santa Cruz have found that playing games in virtual reality creates an effect called “time compression,” where time goes by faster than you think. Grayson Mullen, who was a cognitive science undergraduate at the time, worked with Psychology Professor Nicolas Davidenko to design an experiment that…

The Ultimate RAM Guide for Gamers in 2020-21

Random-Access Memory (RAM), stores data temporarily to make it readily available without the need to access the larger hard drive, which is slower. A larger RAM allows more concurrent processes allowing you to open more applications or play games which demand more resources. A system with 8GB RAM would be…


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