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Using Drones to keep your Business Digital

Using Drones to keep your Business Digital
Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are rapidly becoming indispensable tools in a variety of industries. 
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Canadian Firm to jumpstart Production of ‘Pandemic Drones’

In a bid to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic countries have been increasingly employing drones to enforce stay-at-home protocols, with police deploying talking drones to urge community awareness, while other uses for the technology include taking temperature levels and sterilizing surfaces.

Drones help Police in containing COVID-19 spread | Columbia

Drones help Police in containing COVID-19 spread | Columbia
The police in the South American country of Columbia are taking the help of drones to detect high body temperatures of people. The country has witnessed more than 17,000 coronavirus cases. Watch report.

7 Incredible New Drone Technology

Drone Technology
We take a look at some of the most incredible new drone technologies out there ranging from dart sensor throwing to morphing wing airframes.
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The Internet of Drones Unveiled in Singapore

A multitude of applications for drones has emerged ranging from naval reconnaissance to offshore platform inspection. Technology company H3 Dynamics has unveiled what it calls the Internet of Drones this week at the Singapore Air Show.
Dronebox is a system that brings together drone-enabled service activities with the Industrial Internet…