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Tired of Reading? Make Your iPhone Read Everything to You

Too lazy to read? Why not get your iPhone to read for you instead? With native iOS text-to-speech and a few great apps, you can use your smartphone to take your productivity to the next level. Once you get used to the robotic cadence, you'll love being able to speed...



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Maya Flats and Tropic Air

Tropic Air has been flying to Maya Flats airstrip, which is located halfway between Cayo and Benque, for 2 weeks now. The terminal is very nice, as is the new service from one of Tropic Air's 12 planes. The San Pedro Sun said it well: "This new flight brings the...





HTML or Text Emails: Which is Better? – Marketo

"Over the course of 5 different email drops, we have found text emails to do the following: Roughly the same open rate as HTML emails11% higher click to open rates (95% statistical significance)8% higher click through rates (86% statistical significance) When we rerun the numbers solely looking at unique offer...

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Arduino Rework Station Score 60%

Arduino Rework Station

What about repairing your old graphics card, gaming machine or laptop with your own BGA Rework Station made from old stuff? You can reuse your old halogen heater to create a preheater for your BGA Rework Station, an arm from an old desk lamp in order to hold and move…

New Report: SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) Market Forecast and Key Manufacturers Analysis- Micron Technology, Integrated Silicon Solution, Powerchip, Integrated Device Technology, Cypress Semic…

The Global SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) Industry: 2019 Market Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) Market. Download Free Sample Report on SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) market spread across 102 pages, profiling 10 companies and supported with tables…

7 Arduino Kits For Young Programmers and Makers – FRACTUS LEARNING

Arduino kits are a modern take on the electronics kits that many of us fiddled with as children. However, Arduino takes it a step further by using a microprocessor that can be programmed with simple “sketches” uploaded to the component. The programmer writes these “sketches”, or programs, by using and…

10 Important Aircraft Features You Should Know if You Love Travelling

Flying cross-country can be a formidable experience, especially in busy airspace areas – but with the perfect preparation and planning, anyone can do it. Planes have improved a lot from the days of the Wright Brothers (or, perhaps more accurately). Those very first contraptions that are wood-and-cloth are a completely…

Ultrasound Patch Monitors Blood Flow Up to 14 cm Deep

Researchers at the University of California San Diego created an ultrasound patch that can measure blood flow in vessels as deep as 14 cm within the body. The stretchy patch can be applied to the skin and may help clinicians to monitor and diagnose various conditions, including blockages that could…

Gigabyte Aorus FI32U Review: Full Specifications, Release Date, and Price

The FI32U is likely the best combination between sober specs and popularity among the new Aorus gaming monitors. The Gigabyte Aorus FI32U has an IPS display, which means it should have good colour reproduction, motion smoothness, and contrast. This panel does, however, come in a supercharged SS IPS variant that…


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