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The Embedded Computer | (Motion Computing 2021 Guide)

Computer tech working on embedded technology

What is an embedded computer? An embedded computer is also known as an embedded system. Embedded computers come in various shapes and sizes and have a wide range of use in many applications. Some tasks that embedded computers perform include managing bus surveillance cameras to controlling automation lines. An embedded systems engineer can design one […]

Ways To Teach Dogs New Tricks Using Computer Systems (2021)

Small dog doing a trick

Ways To Teach Dogs New Tricks There’s a device for everything, from helping people manage their health, to teaching dogs new tricks. One type of computer system used in everyday devices is embedded computers. These systems are found everywhere, from smartphones to calculators to microwaves. In this informative article about computers, we’ll discuss what an […]

Robot debates humans about the dangers of artificial intelligence


Project Debater argued both for and against the benefits of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has debated for humans about the dangers of AI. Narrowly convincing audience members that AI will do more good than harm. Project Debater, a robot developed by IBM, debated on both sides of the argument, with two human teammates for each […]

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